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Testimonials from Hujjaj



Abdul Sattar Naeem

(+923336507544) Principal College of Engineering and Technology

Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus

Azziafah is for more than a Hajj operator. Their attitude is sweet, services is fabulous and network is state of the art. I recommend all desiring ones to perform Hajj and Umrah with Azziafah and enjoy a ravishing life experience. 


 Ihsan Qadir

(+923008664255) Regional Sales Manager, Ghazi Brother, Karachi

The services provided to us by Azziafah were extra-ordinary & we enjoyed during Hajj. We are satisfied from their services. 



Muhammad Hamid

(03074849080) Deputy Chief Scientist

I feel pleasure to say that with the blessings of Allah, i was able to perform Hajj in a proper way. No doubt, it is very difficult to follow all Arkan of Hajj without proper guidance. The Hajj company, Azziafah Pvt Ltd., made it easy through guidance at each step right from submission of applications to the successful completion of Hajj. All officials of the company remind in contact whenever felt any difficulty. A brief review of co-operation extended by Azziafiah is given as under:

  • During the first 10 days including Hajj days, the company officials cared all pilgrims in a very efficient and professional way that covered conveyance, meals, good residence, guidance for umrah and Hajj, and stay in Mina, Mozalfa and Arfat.
  • After Hajj, Azziafah arranged residences in Makkah and Madina near to Harams approx. at 10-12 minutes and 5-6 minutes walk respectively.
  • All Hajj pilgrims of Azziafah performed Tawafs, prayers well in time in addition to proper rest in between at their hotel residences.
  • The Chief Executive, as well as other teams members behaved with Hajj Pilgrims very friendly, patiently and enthusiastically through out this trip.
  • The company arranged visits to Holly places both in Makkah and Madina at their own expenses


Zahid Hussain

(03214276702) 149 Upper Mall, Lahore.

Azziafah arrangements are real professional and experienced hajj and umrah organizers. I am really impressed with their personalized services and caring attitude. They are well organized specially, Mian Qasim CEO, is well versed with arabic culture and language. I wish them great success and would like to see them flourishing in times to come.


Hafiz Muhammad Haris

(03219757777) Director, Dar-e-Arqam School System

First of all, I would like to thank almighty Allah SWA, who gave me the strength and opportunity to visit the enchanting manifestations of great Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina. As far as Azzifiah pvt ltd is concerned I am more than satisfied with the hospitality and services, I enjoyed during my trip. I really appreciate the immense co-operation and guidance at every step from the CEO of the company. Azziafah provided us more services than they promised in the package. May Allah SWA bless us with all the blessings of Deen and Dunia. (Aameen)